Carte de Visite Sized Tintype
Unknown Photographer
Late 1860s

This very young-looking member of the 81st Battalion of Canadian militia posed for the photographer sometime in the late
1860s. The American made carte de visite-sized mount bears the patent date of 1865 and he is clearly armed with a
Snider-Enfield breech-loading rifle which was introduced into Canadian service in 1866 and had fully equipped the militia by
1867. It is interesting to note that Canada never widely adopted the Martini-Henry and the Snider remained the primary long
arm of Canadian raised forces well into the 1890s.

Like all tintypes this image is reversed and while it appears that his cap bears the number "18" it is in fact an "81". Also note
that the lock on his rifle appears on the left hand side in the image.

While I have not turned up much regarding the 81st Battalion, this soldier would be quite illustrative of the Canadian
militiamen who faced the Fenian Raiders who crossed into Canada from the United States in the later 1860s and then again in
the early 1870s in a failed attempt to seize Canada as a barganning chip for Irish independence.