Above: Lieutenant Robert Andrew Woolley and wife in a photograph taken on the island of Mauritius sometime
around 1870 while the 2nd Battalion of the 20th Regiment of Foot was stationed there.

Woolley had a relatively short military career.

Ensign by purchase - 22 August, 1865
Lieutenant by purchase - 17 March 1869
Retires as Lieutenant - 24 April 1872

According to the
The Mauritius Almanac and Colonial Register - 1871 on 21 February, 1871 Woolley was
appointed Acting Aide-de-Camp to the Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Mauritius the Honorable Arthur
Hamilton Gordon, C.M.G. Additionally it stated that Woolley also served as captain of the Mauritius Cricket Club.

Carte de Visite
George Bitter - Photographer
Mauritius, Indian Ocean
c. 1870
This informal portrait of Lieutenant Wooley in mufti was taken while his battalion was posted to Cape Colony.

Carte de Visite
Grant & Kisch - Photographer
Durban, Natal, South Africa
c. 1867