Unidentified Private
New Zealand Volunteers
c. 1900
No. 519 Corporal
Ernest Alexander Frederick Becker
5th South Australia Imperial Bushmen
South Australia
c. 1900
Unidentified Trooper
South Australia Imperial Bushmen
South Australia
c. 1900
Unidentified Private
New South Wales Regiment
c. 1890
Unidentified Bandsman
c. 1870's
Corporal Thomas Spyers
Manawatu Mounted Rifles
New Zealand
c. 1900
Australia, Tasmania & New Zealand
Unidentified 2nd Lieutenant
Albany Volunteers
Western Australia
c. 1890
Postal cover addressed to Mr.W. B. Sanders
from  Lieutenant Francis Gordon Sanders
18th Battery, Royal Horse Artillery,
2nd Contingent, South Australia Mounted Rifles

Pretoria, South Africa
20 November, 1900
South Australia
South Australia
c. 1880s
Unidentified Trooper
New South Wales Mounted Police

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Early 1900s
James Booth Clarkson

Royal Merchant Navy
3rd Battalion, the Royal Fusiliers
Placer County Citrus Colony
Natal Medical Corps
Australian Army Medical Corps

Cabinet Style Photograph

c. 1880s
His is an unusual story to say the
least. While James Booth Clarkson
is a historically obscure personage
today his life is rather unusual
from a military point of view - one
that does not quite fit into the
expected categories. He was
medical doctor who resigned...
Sergeant Instructor
2nd Battalion, 18th Regiment of Foot
Aldershot, England
c, 1870s
Sergeant Patrick Connole
65th Regiment of Foot

Rochester, New York, United States
c. 1871
This carte de visite represents the
extensive geographical connections that a
mid-19th Century serving British soldier
could have. In this case No. 2911 Sergeant
Patrick Connole of the 65th (2nd Yorkshire
- North Riding) Regiment of Foot was born
at Ennistymon, County Clare, Ireland,
served four years in New Zealand and had
family connections in Rochester, New York
– where this photograph originated.

Patrick Connole was born sometime around
1833 at the above mentioned town of
Ennistymon in County Clare. His parentage
is obscure as records for early 19th Century
Ireland are not often complete although the
photograph’s inscription says he was one of
twelve children. He attested with the 65th
Regiment of Foot at Dublin on 21 February,
1851 when not quite 18 years old. At the
time of his enlistment the 65th Foot was
serving in New Zealand so Connole may
have been part of the draft of 6 officers ...
Unidentified Sergeant
Adelaide, South Australia
c. 1903
Arthur Ellis Quartly
New South Wales Volunteer Infantry
Goulburn, NSW, Australia