A member of  the Victorian Militia Force (VMF) from sometime in the 1890s or so. The VMF replaced the Victorian
Volunteer Forces in 1884. The VMF continued on until Federation in 1901, when an Australian national defence force
was established. Even though styled as militia, the VMF was a full time, paid professional force. Two part time,
volunteer-type units existed in Victoria supplementing the VMF, the Victorian Mounted Rifles (1885-1901) and the
Victorian Rangers (1888-1901).  

His uniform may have been khaki or perhaps "rifle" gray and appears to conform to those being worn by members of the
VMF in a photograph held by the Australian War Memorial. The Victorian Rangers uniform and could be described
more gray than khaki and had scarlet collar and cuff facings which precludes this soldier from having been a member.

Cabinet Photograph
Webb & Webb - Photographers
136 Swanson Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
c. 1890
Right: The buttons of the soldier's
tunic appear to conform to the pattern
used by the VMF during the period.
This pattern button may have served
as a Victoria general service type.